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    Growing in a high tunnel, or hoop house, provides an easy and cost-effective way to establish greater control over your growing environment and extend your growing season.

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    Our high tunnel greenhouses offer an affordable way to protect your plants or give you a head start on the growing season. Browse our high tunnel packages today.

  • Introduction to High Tunnels - eXtension

    eOrganic authors: Kristin Pool, Oregon State University Alex Stone, Oregon State University What are High Tunnels? High tunnels, also...

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    We are on the approved list of high tunnel suppliers in conjunction with the NRCS ... The goal at Zimmerman's is to build quality high tunnels and greenhouses that ...

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    Gothic Arch Greenhouses specializes in providing Cold Frames and High Tunnels are simple in construction, typically heated by the sun filtering through the poly film covering....offering protection from rain, wind, insects, birds etc.

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    The High Tunnel is traditionally used for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers in a greenhouse. High Tunnels use Eastpoint frames to make the roof taller.

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    Atlas Manufacturing offers a full line of quality commercial, educational, and hobby greenhouses and all the accessories to go with it at affordable prices. Trust our experts with your next greenhouse project.

  • How to Build or Buy a High Tunnel - The Spruce

    How to Build or Buy a High Tunnel ... High tunnels differ from greenhouses in that greenhouses typically have active heating and electrical power, ...

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    As more and more producers build and grow in high tunnels in Alaska, there is more to share and more questions to answer. This website is dedicated to sharing local experience, not necessarily scientific information.

  • High Tunnels, Hoop Houses and Greenhouses

    A wealth of educational materials on commercial vegetable production in high tunnels or hoop houses, greenhouses and...

  • Polytunnel - Wikipedia

    The nesting of row covers and low tunnels inside high tunnels is also ... Polytunnels are mainly used in temperate regions in similar ways to greenhouses and ...

  • Selecting Your Structure - University of Vermont

    Selecting Your Structure S ... the availability of steel greenhouses. Pete Johnson, a year round grower in ... 30 – High Tunnels

  • HighTunnels.org

    High tunnels, or hoophouses, are unheated greenhouses that can help commercial farmers extend their growing season so that they can improve the profitability and productivity of their farms.

  • High Tunnels - JCM Greenhouse Mfg.

    High Tunnels are growing structures that use natural ventilation. They are not usually connected to a power supply and plants are commonly grown in the ground.

  • High Tunnels - Rimol Greenhouses

    Rimol Greenhouses offers High Tunnel systems for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers organically, which can extend the growing season and provide protection for early and late season production.

  • Kool House - Cold Frame High Tunnel Greenhouse

    Tired of everything that you don't get with other cold frames on the market? Our Kool House packages have so many standard features you won't have any surprises when it comes to the final price.

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    Harvest more and extend your growing season with Growers Supply's wide selection of greenhouses, high tunnels and cold frames. Whether you are a beginner gardener, hobby grower or a professional nursery owner, we have the growing shelter to meet your needs.

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    Protect your crops from the mood swings of the weather! The high tunnel offers many benefits, not only by protecting your crops but also by extending the growing season, improving productivity, increasing quality of crops and making climate management more efficient.

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    High-Tunnel, High-Tunnels, High Tunnel, Hightunnel. ***HIGH TUNNELS MEET NRCS REQUIREMENTS!!*** (276) 251-5286 1-800-PUCKETT (East Coast only). Family owned and operated, we strive to have the best service and products available.

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    Grizzly Hill Greenhouses & High Tunnels ... Categories: Greenhouse Manufacturers and Kits, High Tunnels, Movable High Tunnels, Shade Cloth. Rough Brothers, Inc.

  • High Tunnels | UMass Amherst New England Vegetable Guide

    High tunnels are movable or permanent unheated or minimally heated greenhouses erected on crop land which are used to extend and enhance the growing season.

  • High Tunnel System Initiative | NRCS

    With high tunnel systems, ... wet springs with a lot of rain. High tunnels allow people to get into the ground and start producing crops earlier.

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    High Tunnel Pricing & Truss Options : For custom-sized high tunnels and sidewall heights ... Zimmerman's High Tunnels & Greenhouses: HOME:

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  • AT High Tunnel Greenhouse | Gothic Arch Greenhouses

    AT High Tunnel Greenhouse Professional Greenhouses for professional growers. The greenhouse type AT High Tunnels, are the most simple and economical model.

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